8 Funny Cats Being Shamed For Their Crimes

Cats can be a real pain in the arse at times. From ruining all our work plans to waking up in the middle of the night- cats can be real assholes. But the thing is, we love them too much to punish them, they’re too cute for that :(.

Hence, cat shaming is the perfect solution, a win-win scenario. Your cat gets to keep on being an asshole, and you feel like you’ve got some form of revenge at least. And then there’s also the chance that you may go viral on the internet!

Shown below are 8 viral cat shaming photos, enjoy!
#1 He looks like he’s gonna do it again soon.

#2 She at least looks somewhat sorry.

#3 He looks like he’s spotted another mouse.

#4 Wow, look at this badass.

#5 Still hungover, I see.

#6 He looks proper sorry…

#7 She actually seems surprised, as if she didn’t see this coming…

#8 That’s the perfect crime right there!