Covid testing with a puppy twist: How drive-through ‘swab dogs’ are spreading joy during depressing Melbourne lockdown

  • Pathology collector created Instagram account for dogs at Covid testing site 
  • She photographs the puppies as they come past South Melbourne drive-thru
  • The social media account has 11.2 thousand followers from around the world 

A pathology collector has created an Instagram account featuring the dogs driving past her testing site.

Swab Dogs of Insta was set up by Tiffany White, who works at different Covid testing sites around the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

It has 11.2 thousand followers from around the world who have called the puppers ‘adorable’ and ‘gorgeous.’

Gorgeous blue-eyed Fonzie stuck his tongue out at Ms White when she took his pic

Shitzus Indy showed off her pink hair bow and neckie at the Covid-19 testing clinic

Blue Heeler pup Red put out a paw as he went to a testing clinic on Thursday

Blue staffy Etta was shown off through the window at a Covid-19 testing clinic

Ms White told Daily Mail Australia she started the account to help her and other staff get through her shifts.

‘At the end of the day all we want to do is spread some joy, and there is nothing more joyful than a slobbery dog sticking their head out a window,’ she said.

‘For people in lockdown or isolation that’s so important. It’s been a very tough year and smiling dogs are such a joy, it’s just nice and wholesome.’

The lockdown was scheduled to end on Thursday but as cases continue to emerge, there are fears it will be extended.

Eleven new cases were reported on Monday, including two linked to the Arcare Maidstone aged care facility in Melbourne’s northwest.

One is a 79-year-old resident who has had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and another case is a registered nurse who worked at the nursing home on Saturday.

Ruby (left) and Clancy (right)


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