Dad Posts Photos Of Customers Dogs & Awards Them ‘Employee of the Week’

The job of a contractor isn’t easy.

Especially, when your company deals with installing, repairing and refinishing hardwood floors. The work requires a lot of effort and must be done with precision. Though this is the normal course of work and most floorers get it done smoothly. However, when you’re working as a contractor you have to take the whole team with you. You have to make sure every member of team is playing their part. You need to take care of their needs, provide them comfort, take their concerns into consideration, monitor their work and above all reward them at the end for doing a good job. In light of all this, it’s safe to assume that the life of a contractor is full of challenges.

But today we are going to share the story of a contractor with you that makes all this work look very easy. His name is Fred Jr. and he owns Josephsen Hardwood Floor Company that has been doing business for the last three generations! Fred Jr. travels around in his van and installs hardwood floors and stairfaces. But there’s a little twist in his story. Most of the homes he installs floors in have dogs that don’t admire him tearing down the whole place. So, to make things more comfortable for everybody, Fred Jr goes out of his way and befriends these dogs. He has such a way with dogs that after he befriends them they even help him with his work! How cool is that?

To appreciate their cooperation, Fred Jr started a Facebook page where he would post pictures of dogs he’d work with and give them “employee of the week” titles. In the beginning, it was just a fun thing, but when Fred Jr’s son Dillion tweeted about it, it went viral!

“I had been doing it a few years before Dillon noticed and decided to tweet about it,” Fred told Bored Panda. “The reaction to that tweet going viral was interesting. We had 250+ followers on the day he tweeted it. By the end of the week, we had over 28k followers. Now I believe we have over 32k followers.”

Scroll on below and see some of Fred’s ‘Employees of the Week.’

No wonder why she’s the employee of the week. Just look at her!

Vito may be unlike the others, but he knows what’s up!

Since she is the employee of the week, she has decided to take the rest of the week off.

He looks so proud of himself.

She’s not quite sure of what happened, but she’s still happy.

Tucker can multi-task! 14/10 would hire again.

They are good at what they do.

He knows how to keep balance in work and personal life!

The holy trinity.

People absolutely fell in love with these employees of the week. After his page became famous a lot of people visited it and left amazing reviews. One review being, “I’m just here for the employee of the week! But if I was a local you would definitely get my call! Floors look amazing and those helpers sure are adorable!”

This newfound fame also raised a question as to whether this Facebook thing was a marketing strategy. Here’s what Fred had to say in this regard. “Our son Dillon just graduated with a degree in Media Studies from Temple University this past December.” “His specialty? Social Media Marketing. He is currently looking for a job and uses this example in his portfolio.” Now that makes a lot of sense!

Get yourself an employee who comes to work even in harsh weather conditions.


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