FUNNY: Cute Kittens Walk into a Pub for a Beer! Now See What Happens…

You might have seen various advertisements but this one is like no other. A must watch advertisement; Jack O’Connor’s Public House has taken it to the next level!

This advertisement features two cats that are not only adorable but hilarious too. This Irish Pub has understood the meaning of a club in its true spirit. According to them, even the cats deserve a break after a long tiring day. Especially, when that long day includes napping and playing!

In this advertisement, these two kitties savor their time in their favorite pub. Our kitties also have their problems that trouble their mind. And this pub seems like the best place to find the magical solutions to their problems. You must be wondering by now what problems these cats have.

Well, being a cat is not easy at all. They have a lot of troubles in this human world. Don’t be surprised if you are one of the few problems they have!

One of our feline creatures is obsessed with yarns and doesn’t seem to get over it, no matter what. The other one has a horrible problem with laser pointers. We couldn’t have bigger problems! These are some serious issues that need to be looked into at the earliest possible.

But our kitties choose to forget them for a while and grab some drinks. We all got a lot to learn from these two.
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