Going bark to festivals: Pooches gather for Dogstival 2021 after last year’s was delayed due to the pandemic

  • Thousands of pooches and their people owners attended the popular Dogstival event over the weekend 
  • Like many events, 2020’s Dogstival was postponed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic but was welcomed back
  • The dogs were allowed to go for a cooling swim in the pool, learn barkour and of course earn delicious treats  

Thousands of good dogs and their human owners attended the popular Dogstival in the New Forest at the weekend.

Some 8,000 people are believed to have attended the event, the first in two years because of the pandemic.

Pooches of all shapes and sizes put in appearances in Burley Park where they could swim in pools, learn how to be a dog in the fire service and attempt barkour- the four-legged version of parkour.

The Daily Echo reported Co-founder of the sold-out event Domine Nowell saying: ‘It’s absolutely brilliant to see so many people out and about with their beloved dogs after what has been a dreadful year.

‘We have lots of space for all the dogs on leads, the sun is shining and it’s been a year in the planning, we have an action-packed festival, all about having a go and having a great day out with your dog.

‘It’s all about having fun with your dog. We love Dogstival, we created the event because we loved our dog Bella so much and we wanted to have a nice day out with her.’

Hektor an 18 month Cockapoo who has an instagram following (@hekkigram) of over 10k followers is spotted at Dogstival, in Burley, New Fores

Two-year-old Collie Cocker Floki has a rare condition causing his eyes to be sensitive to light, so on a sunny day needs to wear specially designed dog sunglasses

Elizabeth Lewis, 22, owner of Sunny Hounds walks her two-year-old year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Moose, at Dogstival

Little 15-month-old Pug Nero walks through the legs of somewhat taller pal Dinky, a 17-month-old Great Dane, at Dogstival

Despite being towered over by 17-month-old Great Dane Dinky, Pug Nero can’t keep a grin off his face as he enjoys the dog-centric day out in the New Forest
Lily Peden, five, holds out the special doggy ice cream for six-month-old Working Cocker Spaniel Skylar as she prepares to dig into her own

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