SAD NEWS! The Oldest Cat in the World Dies after Living 144 Cat Years!

It’s a fact that cats live for 15 years on an average. But this cat has broken all records. He became the oldest cat to live at the age of 32.

This kitty, Nutmeg, ruled his world for 32 years and passed away on 29 August 2017. Now, he is all set to rule the other world. The owners, Liz and Ian Finlay, were heart-broken by the loss. 32 years is a long time. This cat was more than a family member to them. He was a precious part of their family.

The world’s oldest cat – Nutmeg!

Nutmeg was initially a stray cat. However, he was fortunate to find his loving and caring family.
In 2000s, Spice, the first cat in the family, passed away. Spice was friends with Nutmeg. So the family decided to adopt Nutmeg after they lost Spice.
Nutmeg has been there with the family in both the good and the bad times. Liz and Ian are still trying to recover from their loss. The incident has left them dejected and they think they won’t be able to face it again.

Nutmeg died due to a heart attack and his health deteriorated very quickly in the last days. However, he lived an amazing life. His family showered him with all their love. He was one of the luckiest cats in the world.

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