Shameful: Man Arrested After Torturing Neighbour’s Cat on Facebook Live

There are some people who are sick and then there are those who are like this man from Staten Island. The man who goes by the name of Tyrike Richardson was recently arrested for animal cruelty after he broadcasted himself live on Facebook torturing and beating his neighbors’ cat, Chester.

In the sadistic video, Richardson is clearly seen shirtless torturing the poor 2-year old Chester by throwing him away, shouting at him, hitting with a chair, poking and then twisting a broom handle on his belly.

In order to defend himself, Chester hisses and tries to fight the attacker but by the end of the video, the black and white cat almost dies and gets unconscious. The video is far too graphic but for those curious minds who have the stomach for it, we’ve embedded it below. Fair warning though, I have seen some pretty gore things on the internet and even I couldn’t watch the video fully.

After multiple police complaints and a public uproar on the incident, the police was quick to take action and charge Richardson with animal cruelty and arrest him immediately. Chester was also given immediate medical attention, however, considering the injuries that the poor cat has suffered, it is doubtful that the cat will survive.

Tyrike Richardson who is only 21 years old has been arrested 12 times prior to this for various other incidents including sexual behavior with an underage girl.