Domain to IP Converter

What is Domain Name to IP Address Converter?

This tool allows you to convert a domain name into an IP address. Simply input a domain name and press the Submit button to receive your IP addresses for the servers they’re hosted on.

What is IP address?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address and is a unique identifier assigned to each device accessing the internet. An Internet Protocol (IP) address identifies computers on the network. IP addresses are used by network devices to communicate with each other.

The IP address can be used to determine your location, but doesn’t offer too much functionality in itself besides allowing people to locate you remotely.

What is DNS or Domain Name System?

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is a system that converts words to numbers for Internet addresses. You may think of DNS as an address book for the Internet that maps domain names to IP addresses.

When you enter a URL into your browser, it queries DNS for the domain name. For example, if you go to in your browser, your browser will inquire with DNS for Facebook’s IP address. The IP address assigned to Facebook’s domain name ( would be returned by DNS. Your browser then connects to that address connection

Static vs. dynamic IP addresses

When a device is assigned a static IP address, it remains the same. The network assigns dynamic IP addresses to most consumer devices and those addresses change over time.