What is Internet? Features and History

In simple words, Internet is a worldwide network of computers connected together to share resources such as information and entertainment.

How does internet work?

When we type a domain name in the address bar of our browser, it sends a request to the internet, like the following.

Once request is sent, the domain name will be converted to IP address, like the following. or facebook.com

The request will go the router and ask for the data. The router will forward the request to the server. The server will send the response.

After the response is received, it will be displayed on our computer screen.

The 3 steps above are happening all the time. The only difference is when we open a website, the request will be sent to the server.

In the web browser, there is a form that allows us to enter domain names or IP addresses to request data from the server.

The following are the most common domain names we use:

facebook.com, twitter.com, google.com, youtube.com, etc.

Who Invented the Internet?

Part of the reason for this lack of a clear answer is that the Internet was not invented by just one person in one place.

It evolved from many technologies, and it was built up over time by a collaboration of computer scientists and engineers around the world. It could not have developed any other way.