Woman Arrested After Abandoning Her 11-year-old Dying Cat On The Road

A woman from North Carolina has been arrested after she was found abandoning her 11-year-old dying cat on the side of the road. Michelle Antoinette Raymond,48, has been charged with animal cruelty.

The police arrested Raymond after a local animal rescue complained about her. The police explained that Raymond left Samson (her 11-year-old-cat) on the side of the road on June 22 when she was unable to take care of the cat because of her medical issues. Samson was apparently suffering from a kidney disease and was very ill.

Raymond confessed it almost immediately that she had indeed dumped Samson at a remote area and placed some dry food.

The police, along with several volunteers of the rescue organization searched the area for several days to retrieve Samson back and give him proper treatment, however, they were unable to do so.

Samson is a white and yellow male cat and answers to his name, if you have any information please do contact Capt. Beth Greene of the Monroe Police Department at (704) 282-4722.

As for Raymond, she’s currently in the Union County Jail waiting for her first hearing which is scheduled on August 24.